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Apps for girls


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Apps for girls

If you need some cool place for your childs for there refreshment then Apps for girls is the perfect place for your child.Now question is that how i can say it is the best place for you childs in both secssion study & refreshment.Every one know the importance of study but what you think if your child get these both things together !!Thats the good idea i guess.Now i would like to tell you acutally what is tiniez .Meital Soulam is the founder of tiniez she is created a great site.You can play online games like dress up games.apps for girs,Free printables, free girls apps, fun things for girls.What i can say more! but one thing is still reamining guess what...The application of apps for girs also listed in Apple itunes store as well so if you dont want to play this game on you PC then you can also download this app from apple store.In i tunes you will find Tiniez Coffee Shop so what you think.So go and download Tiniez Coffee Shop By Savoir Faire Media, Inc. The sweetest, most tiny-rific game ever! Over 300 different order types to serve up to your Tiniez customers. This is Nina’s summer vacation and she wants to land this job. Step into this cute and tiny coffee shop where you will help Nina to go through an intense day of internship serving breakfast, omelettes, pizza, pasta, cakes, and ice cream to this hungry crowd of Tiniez. But don't be fooled by their cute looks and sweet smile! The Tiniez are quite the demanding customers. They want their order to be right and tight, otherwise they get angry, and in this game, more than 3 angry customers get you fired. Serve up dozens of drink and food combinations before the time runs out. Meet your daily goal and make sure your customers are happy and full. Free Category: Games Released: 01 September 2012 Version: 1.0 Size: 9.3 MB Language: English Seller: Savoir Faire Media, Inc. © Savoir Faire Media, Inc.
apps for girls
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